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The quality of a door lock system and gate opener matters a lot. One of the integral components of these is the access control system. It plays a big role in the way gates and doors work. A good one allows users to effortlessly manage their doors and gates.


What Are Access Control Systems? 

This is a system installed in a device such as a remote control, scheduled timer, internet gateway, intercom, telephone entry, keypad, and many others. The control works with an automatic door or gate to allow people to open and close their entrances with ease. Regardless of the access control system, the goal is similar: They all aim at easing entry into households and businesses.




Which Access Control System is the Best? 

Technological advancements have allowed many security companies to manufacturer their own systems. As such you’ll find a wide variety in the market. Some of the popular brands are LiftMaster, Seco-Larm, EMX, BFT, AAS, DoorKing, and many more. For the best product, consult our able technicians.

We offer premium access control installation, repair, and maintenance company located in New York City. On top of that, we offer the best guidance on the best access control systems for your needs. We also install, repair, and maintain security systems for businesses and residences. With highly trained personnel and years of experience, we can answer all questions and solve all your security problems.


Why Choose 365 Locksmith

365 Locksmith has been in business since 2008. With over a decade working all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx, we have built an impressive resume. Security is an important part of the success of any business. Above all, it is an important part of the peace of mind for a family.

Our access control installation and repair services guarantee that you are in control of your home. We ensure that you can restrict who enters your property. Your mind is also at ease knowing that you have full control of the number and types of persons coming into your property. When your systems fail, it can, thus, be disheartening.

We aim to restore your faith in your security system. Additionally, we also replace broken and malfunctioning access control systems to ensure your investment is protected. Our access control systems include card/fob entry, GSM entry, keypad entry, and intercoms.


How Do They Work?

Through the operating system, people gain access to the building in a couple of ways. The control system only allows entry after recognizing the devices used to gain access. This means that these have to be filled into the database before use. Some common devices or tools used include:

-Fobs and Wristbands


-Identity Tags



-Near field communications (NFC) chip

Some other systems cut out access using the number of users, time of day, and even area. Count on us to repair any broken access control systems you may have. When the damage is irreparable, we can install a new updated system to restore top-notch security. Call us and let us meet your unique needs today!


Benefits of Access Control Systems

The reasons why you need an efficient access control system are innumerable. Some of the main benefits include:

1. You Stay Compliant

Most businesses are required by law to safeguard their property. Insurance companies also require this for reduced premiums. This applies to residential houses too. To ensure you comply, regular servicing ensures your access control system is working efficiently 24/7.



2. Safeguard Your Investment.

With a working access control system, you reduce the risk of unwanted persons on your property. This way, you reduce the risk of theft, malice, and intrusion. This protects your valuable investments.

With regular maintenance and prompt repair, you also protect the access control system. Most of these systems cost quite an amount of money. With regular maintenance and repair, you fix common issues. These include dead batteries, mechanical and electrical faults, and many others. This helps safeguard it from total damage.


3. Keep Accurate Records and Maintain Productivity.

If you are using your access control for HR or other commercial purposes, you keep track of all records. You can monitor employees’ exits and entry to ensure they are productive. At home, you are also aware of any guests who visit. To ensure your record keeping is flawless, enroll for repair, maintenance, and proper installation.


4. Prevent Entrapment

What happens when a malfunctioning system fails between working sessions? Personnel may have to face entrapment in a forced lockdown. This can be quite embarrassing. Luckily for you, we offer emergency callouts and repair services.

To completely avoid such unwanted situations, make scheduled maintenance a necessity. This way you can also avoid a staff access impediment.


Scheduled Access Control Maintenance

We visit your premises annually, or quarterly depending on the system. We repair and offer maintenance at off-work hours to avoid inconveniences. Before this, we will also email and follow up on a reminder of the maintenance visit. This allows us to arrange for the most suitable day.


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Allow us to help you take control of all your access control installation and repair needs. Regardless of whoever installed the system, we can ensure it gets taken care of. Our dedicated team of access control service engineers and technicians is on-call all round the clock. 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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The quality of a door lock system and gate opener matters a lot. One of the integral components of these is the access control system. It plays a big role in the way gates and doors work. A good one allows users to effortlessly manage their doors and gates.