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Top Rated New York Door Repair Service, Doors are the first line of security to the home, which is why when they get damaged, you can’t afford to not pay attention to your door. You must look at the front of your house or business and do what you can to protect it because once a burglar or criminals gets inside, they have little if any security that they will have to deal with.


Why Choose Us

You have several important reasons that you would want to choose us. Our 24-hour service specializes in door frames and replacements, and that is why we provide you with plenty of great doors with security features like fire-rated doors and steel doors for commercial applications on Long Island. People choose us for the following reasons, such as:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Responsive attention
  • Professional-grade materials
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Top-rated security assessment

Whether working for a residential company or helping a restaurant & commercial buildings & stores to have greater security after they have closed down for the night, we have specialized technicians on Long Island who are ready to assist you. They can perform a variety of help depending on your needs.

Better Security

Maybe you had a roommate that you had a falling out with and you need a lock change. The advantage of a lock change is that it can also help you to update your door with greater security so that criminals can’t get in. In addition to a lock change, you might also hire us for lock repair. We can fix your damaged locks, and we have experts who are prepared to assist you. Whether you need lock repair or something else, call us today to learn more Call us at 347 615-2364.


Types of Locks That Work

We provide a variety of security options, such as the Shabbat door lock, smart locks and traditional door locks. What is the Shabbat door lock? The Shabbat door lock has no keys that you can lose or have stolen from you. You can change the combination as needed, and there are no batteries or electricity with it. With smart locks, these have a similar concept that use a key dial for entering the interior of your house. Smart locks have been called the new form of security, but they do have a few problems. For example, you have to buy the right brand because of how it won’t have as much security otherwise. Smart locks also have to defend on the technological front. Finally, you have traditional locks, which are the tried and true method, but with the advent of greater technology, we have more options than ever before for our restaurant, house or company.


Locksmith Help That Works

We provide locksmith services that employ 24-hour service to the community, and we will help you as the need arises. If you need a lock change, we will be there to do it for you. We have provided help to Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. If you have a questionable door that you want worked on, we can help. Call now to request service.


Not Just Any Company

If you were to Google, “Locksmith near me,” you would find plenty of choices in relation to that search, “near me.” With that said, not all that is offered will be worth the money that you paid. When we go to repair a lock, we look at what may have happened so that if you have to assess a security threat. Repair should never be put off because of how a damaged lock can cause even more problems. Without repair, criminals can break in through a damaged lock.


Reinforce Your Security

The exterior of your home needs reinforcement to protect you from dangers. The repair can help a commercial business like a store that has a damaged lock, but what if you had weak security to begin with? Some of the services include deadbolt change & install, high-security door locks, and a keypad door lock. We provide installation and same day service that will protect your store from people who would do harm to it. We have a locksmith that will provide assistance to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. We will be there for you. Along with this, we also provide preventative maintenance programs. Through these programs, we can perform door repair and keep your locks in good condition. You don’t want to experience a drop in security for even a moment because you never know when someone will break-in. In the long run, this can also help you to save money. You can call us today at 347 615-2364, or Google “Near me” for further assistance.

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Access Control: Better Security

As far as security techniques go, access control takes over the administration end of who can see, use and view the resources of a computing environment. Access control will provide you with much better security.


Repair When You Need It

When you need it, we will repair your door through lock repair. In many cases, we have found that when a lock starts to malfunction, it happens because of how the latch assembly or the lock mechanism has begun to cause a problem. We have seen many broken locks, and we have the ability to help you with the repair of many of them.


Who Could Use Us?

We have helped to provide help to a variety of people who have needed us, and this includes everyone from business owners to residents to industrial settings. Everyone needs security no matter who they might be because the world has people who want to make a fast buck. Let’s say that you just moved into a new house, and you dislike the locks. You could call us out for installation.

Some of the things that we offer to customers include:

  • Door Repair
  • High-Security Door Locks
  • Deadbolt Change & Install
  • Keypad Door Lock
  • Smart Locks
  • Access Control

When we set out to do door repair, we have trained our technicians adequately so that they have a full understanding of how to proceed with it. We can install high-security door locks that are especially useful to businesses that will be a big target. We have also done deadbolt change & installation. You Google this near me, and you will find many businesses, but you won’t find many that can perform it to the level at 365 Locksmith. If you would like to update to newer technology, we can also install a keypad door lock. The biggest advantage of this form of lock system is that it will totally eliminate the need for keys, and provided your guests have the code, they can also enter the commercial establishment. In particular, we have found it useful for hotels that want additional security.


Thorough and Comprehensive Assistance

If we serve a customer, we do it with the best of what we possibly can. We take our assistance the extra mile because we do what we would want from a business. Our business thinks of what we might do if we were in the same situation as them. The lock of a door will last for about seven years before you have to replace it. At that point, it would be dangerous if you were to decide to keep it.

People go through us because of how they can trust us. After they have gotten acquainted with the assistance that we provide, they go through us because of how it eliminates the chaff. You have some companies that will inevitably do a better job than others, and we believe that we’re one of those companies that goes the extra mile for customers. We believe that our trade is an art, and those who do it well will excel. Meanwhile, you have to be careful because the wrong business can actually damage your locks through ignorance.