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Locks and keys are essential to keeping your house safe from intruders. Although modern security systems come with high-tech features, you only feel peaceful after locking the doors with a lock. But this peace can be short-lived if the lock breaks or you lose the key. Seeking immediate help from a reliable locksmith in the Bronx is important to protecting the valuables in your house.


Problems With Locks and Keys

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When you notice that the door lock isn’t working, it presents a serious problem. You don’t know what is causing this issue, but we do. We are the expert locksmith company in the Bronx that can fix any problems related to locks and keys. Whether it is traditional locks, smart locks, or even car locks, we don’t back away from any challenge. Over the years, our team has repaired hundreds of locks. This has allowed us to counter some common problems with locks and keys that we want to share with you:

Key is not turning inside the lock

One of the common problems with locks is sometimes they don’t allow the key to turn as it should. You put the key inside, and it doesn’t budge. It may be the accumulation of grime and dirt. When this happens, you should not try to forcefully turn the key as it can damage the key also. Take the key out and give us a call. This can also happen with your car lock. Car keys have more grooves than regular home keys, and sometimes they don’t work correctly. Our locksmiths only take a few minutes to solve these problems. They are well equipped with lubricants and cleaning solutions. We try to fix these issues on the same day so that you don’t leave your valuables unlocked.

Weather stripping malfunctioning

Sometimes the cause for broken locks can be the weather stripping of the door. If it doesn’t work properly, it can misalign the lock. Soon the exterior paint of the door starts to corrode due to the faulty weather stripping. The decaying door can be a massive opening for intruders to break in. However, we won’t let that happen. We can install new weather stripping on your door to make sure that the locks are safe. Ideally, it is best to replace weather stripping instead of repairing one because it offers more strength to the door lock hatch.

Improper alignment of the door lock latch

We often find that the door lock latch doesn’t click in the right pane because the strike plate and lock are not in their correct order. It can also be the wrong placement of the bolts causing this problem. It can significantly affect the lock, especially when you try to align the door lock latch forcefully. We advise you not to do anything like that. It will only worsen the situation. We will reposition the strike plate so that the lock fits in easily.

• Broken car keys

Imagine you are about to start your car and the key sticks inside the ignition lock, and it breaks. You have half the key in your hand, and the other half is inside the lock. It is a very frustrating issue for a car owner, especially if you are in a hurry to go somewhere. But we can fix the key again. Well, not fix it, but make a duplicate set so that you can use your car again. Our Bronx locksmith expert will use his tools to first take the broken key out of the ignition lock. He will then take the measurements of the key carefully and make a separate bunch of keys that you can use if one of them breaks again or if you lose one.


Our Services


As the leading locksmith company in the Bronx, we provide a wide range of services to our customers. We believe in offering high-quality service to everyone because we understand how important locks and keys are for your safety and security. Apart from the essential repairs, we also provide some additional locksmith services too. Here’s what you can expect from us:

1. New lock installations

We always advise our customers to install new locks after a few years. This can keep intruders away because they won’t know that the locks changed. We have the experience of installing some of the latest locks in the market right now. Our locksmiths use advanced tools to install these locks in your home. We can also suggest the locks if you want. Be assured that we will only recommend the best locks according to your budget. We can replace your old locks with new ones to provide more security.

If you are moving to a new house, installing new locks is mandatory. We can do the job for you, and we promise that you won’t have any complaint after hiring us.

2. Safe installations

Many houses have safes in secret locations to protect some of the most valuable assets of the family. Our team can install a safe that is tailor-made only for you. We can install a combination of locks to protect these assets, and unless someone bursts a bomb over it, the chances of breaking into the safe are almost impossible. Over the years, safes have become more secure, and we have had the experience to work on some advanced security locks to protect these boxes. Therefore, we know how to install these locks on your safe. Just give us a call and specify your needs, and we will send a team to your location to check out the requirements in detail.

3. Car locks

Have you ever left the car keys inside the car, and locked the car from the outside? While trying to find the key, you remember that the keys are inside, and you are furious about your mistake. However, it’s not the right time to be angry because you need the key first. Instead of trying to break the window, it will be wise to call us. Repairing or replacing broken windows cost too much, but if you call us to make another bunch of keys, we assure you that it won’t hurt your pocket. Not only can we fix broken keys from the ignition lock but also make new sets of keys when you lock the original keys inside the car.

4. Emergency house lockouts

Very similar to car lockouts, if your partner locks the main door and takes the keys away, you may have to live in the house the entire day. What if there is an emergency and you need to go out immediately. You can’t wait for your partner to arrive. Therefore, don’t panic in this situation. Keep a cool head and call us with your address details. We will send the nearest locksmith to your location to rescue you from your house. Don’t even think of jumping out of the window of the first floor. You may end up injuring yourself instead of reaching the location of the emergency.

5. Transponder key programming

Most car keys have a transponder chip inside that provides additional security. The chip sends a signal that communicates with the car’s transceiver. The car only starts if the signals match. If they don’t, the car will not move an inch. Sometimes the programming of the transponder key is disturbed, and it might interfere with the signals of the transceiver. We can reprogram the key to make it work again.


Why Choose Us?

We have worked with hundreds of customers until now, and our primary goal has always been to satisfy everyone. Our team doesn’t differentiate between a small repair and a new installation. We treat all our customers equally. There are many reasons why we are considered the best Bronx locksmith professionals in town. Some of the reasons are given below:

Competitive pricing – we provide free quotations to our customers depending on the type of service they require. You can compare our service charges with other companies, and we assure that you won’t find anyone that offers such high-quality service at such a low price.

24/7 emergency service – our locksmiths are always at your service. We don’t think twice whether it is 7 am in the morning or 2 am at night. Our job is to provide satisfactory locksmith service, and we will continue to do so.

Using the latest technology – we have heavily invested in the latest technology to make sure that our locksmiths can identify any problem related to locks and keys. Whether it is car locks or residential locks, our team always arrives equipped with new tools. This also helps us fix some of the problems instantly instead of bringing the locks back in our service center.

Give Us a Call

Many locksmiths claim they are the best in the business, but we prefer to prove it with our service. All you need to do is call us at (800)968-2515, and we will be there to help. Don’t worry about the timing because as we mentioned, we are open 24/7 to assist you. Call us today!

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Locks and keys are essential to keeping your house safe from intruders. Although modern security systems come with high-tech features, you only feel peaceful after locking the doors with a lock. But this peace can be short-lived if the lock breaks or you lose the key. Seeking immediate help from a reliable locksmith in the Bronx is important to protecting the valuables in your house.
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